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Why IndemniFLY?

It has become common for sporting clubs to be sued or threatened with legal action over injuries or unsafe practices. The result is a changing face of Sport, where teams and organisations are scrambling to take measures to protect both the players from injury and themselves legally.

Some professional sporting organisations have channels for passing down new evidence-based practices to the clubs to prevent and manage injuries. Unfortunately, most sports do not have those channels in place. The result for them is archaic training practices which increase injury, an inability to safely manage injuries and a lack of protocols in place to appropriately react when an injury does occur. We believe that this leaves them exposed to lawsuit which could close most small, grassroots businesses. 

Aerial, circus and dance schools rely on young, part time trainers who are casually employed to teach a variety of classes. These trainers often lack formal qualifications in teaching and advanced first aid and are therefore unaware of how to prevent injury or how to respond in the case of an accident. As a consequence, unnecessary injuries can occur and when they do occur the trainer response can be inadequate. This results in lost income due to injured clients’ inability to continue with classes and an unprofessional business image affecting new sales. On top of this instructor stress can affect productivity, and the studio will have an increased liability for insurance claims. 

In many jurisdictions the club director can be held responsible if an injury occurs. Legally they are responsible for their business and ensuring the safe work practices of their staff. The consequences could be jail time and huge fines!

Who is behind IndemniFLY?

IndemniFLY founders Erin and Anabelle met in 2017; Erin, a Sports Physio dedicated to the management of Athletes, Anabelle, a dancer dealing with chronic pain after a dance injury threatened to upend her career and lifestyle.

It soon became apparent to them that Anabelle’s experience wasn’t an isolated one. They noticed a pattern of poor injury management in sporting clubs as well as a lack of OH&S protocols. Their determination to find a solution was cemented after Erin received a multitude of independent requests from studio owners and teachers for a solution to this problem.

And so IndemniFLY was born!
Erin Fitzgerald 
Co-Founder & Course Content Writer
Erin Fitzgerald has 20 years of industry experience as a Masters qualified Sports Physiotherapist. She has worked on several different Cirque du Soleil shows as well as treating Red Bull cliff divers, Olympians, Nitro circus & other professional athletes. Erin has worked with Gymnasts in various State, National and local competitions as well as treating out of the Queensland High Performance Centre in 2007. In 2018 she founded Art Physio, a bespoke Sports Medicine Practice for Performers and Athletes with locations in Burleigh and the Coomera Gymnastics Centre. Her passion for injury prevention led to the establishment of IndemniFLY where she is the researcher and writer of course content. 
Anabelle Spinoulas
Co-Founder, CEO & Artistic Direction

Anabelle Spinoulas is a trained dancer and certified PT. She has previously dealt with a major injury that was poorly managed, ultimately leading to her not pursing her passion in dance professionally. Anabelle's personal injury experience has made her a passionate advocate for the mission and values of Indemnifly and its projects. Where she really shines however is her analytical mind, impeccable organisation and laser focus. This was likely honed during her University Maths & Physics majors and her Master’s Degree in Physics. Her professional background includes over seven years as a Data Analyst where she gained technical skills in computing, statistical & data analysis, making her the perfect fit for managing IndemniFLY. Additionally, Anabelle brings the course content to life in our interactive, online course portal. 

Along with co-founders, Anabelle and Erin, we have a number of contacts helping to authenticate course content including Sports Physicians, Rigging and Equipment Consultants, OH&S Specialists and Personal Injury Lawyers. Together we are passionate about preventing injuries in Sport and ensuring the ongoing safety of the teachers, coaches and their athletes and the longevity of sport.

What does IndemniFLY do?

We responded to the calls from coaches for easy to digest injury prevention courses. We realised that the gap in education for coaches was huge and so we developed an entire occupational health and safety coach-induction system. 

We listened to our coaches when they said they want interactive, practical sessions. Our courses bring the fun into occupational health and safety! They are written for coaches in a way to ensure that they enjoy the courses and get the most information possible out of them. 
Despite the emphasis on fun, IndemniFLY's courses are high quality and written by experts in the field. They are kept up to date with the latest laws and best practices and are the first ever product of its kind to the sport and entertainment industries.
We also offer white-labelled courses for larger corporations so that their affiliated studios don’t have to deal with their own course development. We will offer to individualise the course content and appearance to suit the needs of our clients.

Our Course System

How do they work?

IndemniFLY’s interactive online safety induction courses are targeted towards visual learners and therefore incorporate video content, animation and mixed media to keep it engaging and entertaining as well as educating. There will be a competency-based assessment to make sure coaches retain the information presented and also a certificate upon completion.

How do they help?

IndemniFLY aim to make coaches better at their job through preventing injury, responding to injury and understanding their legal and OH&S responsibilities. The aim is safer sporting clubs and happy participants. We aim to continuously update our courses on new training and injury management advances and offer support as part of a wider community.

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