Injury Prevention

IndemniFLY's first course offering has been requested by coaches and students alike; Injury Prevention. The course discusses in detail why injury happens in specific sports, what happens and who it happens to. It then combines the latest research with industry best practice to provide steps to minimising injury risk. IndemniFLY are proud of this course because of its huge potential to help lives through educating coaches and ensuring the safety of their students.
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~ 16 Hours

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This course contains 9 modules


Equipment faults is a major cause of liability and fault from coaches and studio owners. In particular using incorrect equipment, incorrectly installing, using the equipment incorrectly and failing to document required equipment maintenance can cause injury that may well be entirely the fault of you as a coach or your studio due to a failure of your duty of care.  These will be discussed in detail.


In a world of increasingly erratic climate events (thank you climate change) and the motto of "the show must go on", your athletes may be faced with competing or performing in environmental conditions that have the potential to cause them serious harm. This module brings your attention to how environmental factors might affect the athlete, showing the main ways that the environment can cause injury and effect performance and explain how you need to prepare your studio in consideration of this. 

Health Support System

Did you know how you access health support can determine your potential for injury? The literature overwhelmingly mandates that involving a health support team in an athlete's management is crucial to prevent injuries. This module discusses how you can engage health professionals to get the most from your athletes, help you to individualise sessions and protect yourself legally.


This section will navigate you through the emerging field of Load Management that elite coaches have been obsessing over of late and help you make sense of what it means for your specific sport. In doing so this section will help you to prepare a loading plan for your athletes that will maximise performance enhancement and at the same time reduce injury.
You will learn all aspects of planning, periodizing and scheduling training in a way that will protect your athletes within this section.


The way we move not only effects our ability to compete in our sport with technical precision but also has a huge impact on our potential to develop injury. In this module IndemniFLY interprets the latest in injury prevention research related to biomechanics (there is a lot!!!). This will help guide your coaching practice by understanding the principles of biomechanics and movement, know how they can cause injury and help you to focus your coaching practice on particular areas that will prime your athletes for success.

 Children & Adolescents

Sport injury is the leading cause of injury to children and adolescents in many first-world countries. Kids aren't just small adults when it comes to injury prevention. Their bodies are going through periods of intense growth, hormone changes, emotional, physical and psychological development. As a result they have injuries and pathologies that are unique to childhood and adolescents and require specific understanding. This module will teach you about injury prevention specific to kids and adolescents.


Stretching has long been incorporated into a physical activity program for all sports, but what for? Why are we stretching? It is worthwhile truly understanding what stretching is, does and can actually achieve before incorporating endless hours of it into our students weekly program. With this understanding as well as a deep awareness of our sport's requirements and our student's individual needs we can really start to maximise their performance and reduce injuries as well as being more efficient with our programming.

Warm up and Cool Down

Warming up and cooling down is as important as the actual training session or work out for improving performance and enhancing recovery. This section discusses the components of a perfect warm up, how it works and then runs through examples specific to your sport. In contrast, the cool down is viewed as a transition into the recovery period, an opportunity to reset the body and mind, maximise stretching outcomes and prepare for the next activity session.


Strength and conditioning not only has a huge impact on the prevention of injury but can also give your athletes an extra boost with performance enhancement. Learn the secrets of elite athletes in this module and gain the ability to program for your athletes in a way that is specific to the needs of their sport.
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